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Ishull Lezhë Hoteli i Gjuetisë Lezhe AL, 4503
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Business Description:

The Hunting Hotel on the Island of Lezha was built in the late 1930s and was operational in the early 1940s.

The purpose of building such a hotel was to promote tourism for hunting enthusiasts and for that purpose a special manual for hunting in Albania would be published in those years.

In July 1940 the area where the hotel was built was declared hunting grounds, thus becoming the first protected area in Albania – reports Scan.

This hotel during the Italian occupation would be a favorite place for the authorities of the time but also for various foreigners who are passionate about hunting.

Pictures of the Italian archive LUCE show how the Hunting Hotel was in March 1942.

The photos trade the hotel’s conditions and the area’s vast natural wealth with birds, animals and vegetation.

Even during the communist regime, the hotel and the area were popular and frequented by senior officials.


Address: Ishull Lezhë Hoteli i Gjuetisë Lezhe AL, 4503, Albania



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